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economic uses of fluorine

  • economic importance of fluorine

    Jan 20, 2004· Why is fluorine important in the field of economic , Fluorine is an element which is concentrated in deposits of its own hosting fluorite as raw material for different products or topaz used for its aesthetic value as a gemstone [Chat Online] Fluorite: The mineral fluorite information and pictures

  • Fluorite | Minerals Education Coalition

    Fluorite. Fluorite is commercially named fluorspar composed of calcium fluoride (CaF 2).It is the principal source of fluorine. The same is used in production of hydrofluoric acid, which is used in a wide variety of industrial applications including glass etching.

  • University of Minnesota’s Mineral Pages: Fluorite

    The element fluorine has many uses in our industrial society, and fluorite is our major source of fluorine. Consequently large amounts of fluorite are used in the production of hydrofluoric acid and the manufacture of high-octane fuels, as well as the manufacture of flat panel displays and semiconductors.

  • Fluorine health and environmental effects | Body & Health ...

    Is Fluorine Healthy? Fluorine is a substance that can be found in plants, animals, air, and water. Subsequently, individuals come into contact with fluorine often through breathing air, eating food, and drinking water. Relatively small amounts of fluorine are present in most foods whereas shellfish and tea contain larger quantities of the element.

  • Fluorine Facts - Atomic Number 9 or F

    Fluorine Chemical & Physical Properties. Fluorochlorohydrocarbons are used in refrigeration applications. Fluorine is used to produce many chemicals, including several high-temperature plastics. The presence of sodium fluoride in drinking water at the level of 2 ppm may cause mottled enamel in teeth, skeletal fluorosis, and may be associated with cancer and other diseases.

  • Economic Motives Behind Water Fluoridation - Fluoride is a ...

    Economic Motives Behind Water Fluoridation - Fluoride is a Protected Pollutant Industrial pollution of air and water with fluoride provided a strong motive for promoting fluoridation of water supplies Economic Motives Behind Fluoridation was written by the late Dr F. B. Exner

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    2. Most of the applications are really application of the compounds, not fluorine itself, and so should be listed after the compounds section. The list reads like anybody who uses fluorine compounds ho passes by has added their bit (I guess two people came by interested in Teflon as it appears twice).

  • (DOC) Environmental and Economic Impact of Fluoride in ...

    Fluorine is a highly reactive chemical that readily forms compounds with the majority of the other elements including the noble gases. Since fluorine creates bonds so easily with other elements, it is used in many industrial processes including water treatment in the form of sodium fluoride (NaF).

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    Slight colour difference between this mineral and olivine, but only under magnification (where details in the crystals can be seen). Also indicitive is the presence of a cleavage plane. Industrial/economical uses: Semiprecious gemstone

  • 10 Interesting Facts About Fluorine - HRF

    Fluorine is rarely found in its pure form. It’s used in gasses and alloys, which means it is used in many refrigerants. If you’ve heard of the CFCs that potentially damaged the ozone layer, then you’ve heard of Fluorine. Although CFCs were banned, Fluorine is still around and being used.

  • what is the economic importance of flurine | Solution for ...

    Nov 24, 2012· The importance of fluorine lies largely in its compounds. Fluorite is used as a flux in refining iron; cryolite serves as the electrolyte in the production of aluminum. The Importance of fluoride – Whiteman AFB – Home

  • Chemical industry - Fluorine | Britannica.com

    These inorganic uses, as a flux and in the manufacture of aluminum, formerly constituted almost the whole of the fluorine industry. The organic fluorine industry, a separate branch, began in the late 1920s with the discovery by Thomas Midgley, Jr. , of the United States , of the fluorine-containing refrigerants.

  • chemical industry | Fluorine - Students | Britannica Kids ...

    Article Contributors. A.S. Davidsohn - Consulting chemist. Coauthor of Soap Manufacture; Synthetic Detergents.. Anthony Standen - Executive Editor, Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology, New York City, 1963–70.Author of Science Is a Sacred Cow.. John V. Killheffer - Associate Editor, Science, Encyclopædia Britannica, Chicago, 1971–88.

  • Facts About Fluorine | Live Science

    Uses of fluorine. It is used to make uranium hexafluoride, which is needed to separate uranium isotopes. Sulfur hexafluoride is a gas used to insulate high-power electricity transformers. Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) were once used in aerosols, refrigerators, air conditioners, foam food packaging, and fire …

  • Fluorite and Fluorspar: Mineral uses and properties

    Fluorine is the lightest and most reactive element of the halogens. The three most important mineral of fluorine are fluorite CaF2, cryolite Na3AlF6 and fluorapatite; Of these only fluorite is extensively used commercially. Cryolite is a rare mineral , the only commercial deposit being in Groenland. and most of it is used in aluminium industry.

  • Orthoclase Uses - crystalbenefits.com

    Let us find out more about this mineral and its uses from this article. Deeptee A. Orthoclase is an important silicate or a rock-forming mineral that forms in igneous rocks. Its two cleavage planes are perpendicular to each other, which gives it the look of a 'straight fracture', which is known as Orthoclase in Greek, and hence the specific ...

  • Fluorine (F) - Chemical properties, Health and ...

    Atomic fluorine and molecular fluorine are used for plasma etching in semiconductor manufacturing, flat panel display production and MEMs fabrication. Fluorine is indirectly used in the production of low friction plastics such as teflon and in halons such as freon, in the production of uranium.

  • Economic Value - Get to Know Fluorine

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  • The Economic Benefits of Chlorine Chemistry in ...

    IHS Economics The Economic Bene2ts of Chlorine Chemistry in Fluorocarbons in the United States and Canada This analysis evaluates the benefits of chlorine chemistry in fluorocarbons only for those compounds and uses that are and will be permitted under existing governmental regulations. Chlorine chemistry in the production of fluorocarbons

  • Fluorinated Chemicals | Uses, Benefits, and Chemical ...

    Uses & Benefits. Fluorinated chemicals, including per- and polyfluorinated chemicals (PFCs), have a long history of delivering outstanding performance in a wide variety of challenging applications. When fluorine atoms join together with carbon atoms, they create a powerful, stable chemical bond.


    The limiting materials problem in a high-temperature UF/sub 6/ core reactor is the corrosion of the core containment vessel. The UF/sub 6/, the lower fluorides of uranium, and the fluorine that exist at the anticipated reactor operating conditions (1000 K and about one atmosphere UF/sub 6/) are all corrosive.

  • The Surprisingly Common Uses of the Highly Reactive Fluorine

    Feb 21, 2018· Fluorine is commonly used -- in its elemental form -- as rocket fuels. It has a working similar to oxygen and helps oxidizers in the rocket fuel to burn. It has a working similar to oxygen and helps oxidizers in the rocket fuel to burn.

  • Fluorine - Element information, properties and uses ...

    In fact, fluorine is used in many fluorochemicals, including solvents and high-temperature plastics, such as Teflon (poly(tetrafluoroethene), PTFE). Teflon is well known for its non-stick properties and is …

  • Uses of Sulfur - Uses Of

    Sulfur is an important element, essential for life. Aside from this however, the element can be used in many other ways. Its versatility can be attributed to its unique properties. Its atomic symbol is ‘S’ and the atomic number is 16. Common Uses of Sulfur This element is utilized in the creation of sulfuric acid. These are used in different industries.

  • Uses of Zinc | Supply, Demand, Production, Resources

    Uses of Zinc Today. Zinc is currently the fourth most widely consumed metal in the world after iron, aluminum, and copper. It has strong anticorrosive properties and bonds well with other metals. Consequently, about one-half of the zinc that is produced is used in zinc galvanizing, which is the process of adding thin layers of zinc to iron or ...

  • #9 - Fluorine - F

    The last United States mine to produce fluorine closed in 1995 making it necessary to import fluorine minerals. Common Uses Water treatment to prevent tooth decay

  • Fluorine (F) - Uses of Fluorine & Chemical Properties of ...

    Uses of Fluorine. Molecular fluorine and Atomic fluorine are used in semiconductor manufacturing for plasma etching, MEMs fabrication, and flat panel display production. Chlorofluorocarbons are used extensively used in air conditioners and refrigerators. Fluorides are also added to …

  • economic uses of fluorine « BINQ Mining

    Jun 13, 2013· The use of fluorine is widespread and the chemical holds commercial and political … Influences of an economic, political, technological and … »More detailed

  • Chlorine - Element information, properties and uses ...

    Chlorine was also once used to make a series of aerosol solvents and refrigerants called chlorofluorocarbons or CFCs. However their use was stopped once it became apparent that when in the atmosphere these compounds absorb ultraviolet light and cause homolytic bond fission producing a chlorine free radical which in turn reacts with ozone.

  • Fluorite: The mineral fluorite information and pictures

    Fluorite is the only mineral for which significant quantities of the important element fluorine can be obtained. Fluorite is also used as a flux in the manufacture of steel and other metals to eliminate impurities.There is a great demand for Fluorite in the optics field, and to meet it synthetic crystals are grown to produce special lenses.


    The current generation of fluorine-free firefighting foams (F3) are viable alternatives to aqueous film-forming foams (AFFF, FFFP, FP) for many operational scenarios. Where possible the use of fluorine-free firefighting foam (F3) avoids the socio-economic impacts and financial liabilities

  • Fluorine: Facts, Properties & Uses Video with Lesson ...

    Fluorine is also used in making plastics, such as Teflon. Teflon is used as a coating in non-stick cookware. Lastly, the use you might be most familiar with is fluoride in dental care.

  • Uses of Fluorine - Want to Know it

    Apr 26, 2010· Fluorine is used to obtain pure uranium from uranium hexafluoride. Compounds of fluorine are used in refrigeration and air-conditioning systems. Another compound of fluorine is used in the electrolysis of aluminum. This process allows pure aluminum to be obtained! A who family of broad-spectrum antibiotics (these work on a number of different bacteria) contain fluorine.