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differeent types concrete ppt file

  • Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Seminar PPT with pdf report

    Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Seminar PPT with pdf report. Fiber reinforced concrete is used for: Industrial flooring; Sprayed concrete; Slender structures (usually in precast plants) Fire resistant structures; mortar applications (rehabilitation) Types of Fiber-Reinforced Concrete. Steel Fiber-Reinforced Concrete; Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete; Synthetic Fibers

  • 23 Types of Concrete Used in Construction and their ...

    Glass Concrete; Properties and uses of different types of concrete mentioned above are explained briefly: 1. Normal Strength Concrete. The concrete that is obtained by mixing the basic ingredients cement, water and aggregate will give us normal strength concrete. The strength of these type of concrete will vary from 10 MPa to 40MPa.

  • Concrete Crack Repair Techniques PowerPoint Presentation ...

    Files > Download Concrete Crack Repair Techniques PowerPoint Presentation (FREE!) Various types of Repair Methodologies are covered in this powerpoint presentation such as Stitching

  • Cements – Composition, Types - Civil Engineering

    Portland Cement Types (ASTM C 150) ASTM C 150 (AASHTO M 85) 5 types in general – types I to V Type I – Normal (OPC) Type II – Moderate Sulfate Resistance Type III – High early Strength Type IV – Low heat of hydration Type V – High Sulfate Resistance Chemical compositions different

  • special types of concrete - SlideShare

    Oct 26, 2013· Concrete is by definition a composite material consisting essentially of a binding medium and aggregate particles, and it can take many forms. • These concretes do have advantages as well as disadvantages. 3. Types of special concrete 1. High Volume Fly Ash Concrete. 2. Silica fume concrete. 3. GGBS, Slag based concrete. 4. Ternary blend concrete. 5.

  • CONCRETE BASICS A Guide to Concrete Practice

    The most common types of cement are Type GP and Type GB. Blended cements contain portland cement and more than 5% of either fly ash, ground slag, silica fume, or a combination of these. Cement Concrete & Aggregates Australia 3

  • types of special ncrete ppt - thomas-seiler.ch

    Different types of concrete are produced based on the constituent material, mix design, the method of construction, area of application, form of hydration reaction. Details of these various types of concrete, their properties and applications are discussed.

  • Concrete - SlideShare

    Jul 08, 2013· CONCRETE Freshly prepared concrete till it has not yet set is called wet or green concrete. After it has thoroughly set and fully hardened it is called set concrete or just concrete. 4. TYPES OF CONCRETE AND ITS USES Concrete are classified into different types: 1. According to binding material used in concrete. 2. According to design of ...

  • PPT – What is concrete PowerPoint presentation | free to ...

    The coloring is applied to boost polished concrete alongside different such preference as marking, creating radial lines, grids, bands, borders, and different styles. | PowerPoint PPT presentation | …